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The main purpose of the College Admissions Tool is to help you understand undergraduate “Admission Standards” at public four-year colleges and universities in Colorado. Admission standards are what the colleges use when evaluating your application for admission. The college admissions tool will help you create a plan that you can implement during high school, to meet the standards of your target colleges.

Admission standards are established for both first-time freshmen and transfer students at each of the Colorado baccalaureate (four-year) public colleges/universities. Note that the state’s community colleges are "open admission" and, as a result, do not have admission standard requirements. Meeting the admission standards does not guarantee admission since colleges consider a broad range of factors in making their decisions.

Current Admissions Standards

The current standards (through 2019) contain three main components: the Index; the Higher Education Admission Requirements (HEAR); and transfer admission standards.

New Admission Standards Policies (beginning fall 2019)

The key goals of the new policies are to inform students how to best prepare for college in Colorado, communicate how standards relate to specific colleges, and allow colleges more flexibility when making admission decisions. The college admissions tool was developed to help you learn about each college’s specific requirements.

College In Colorado

Colorado ranks in the top five states nationwide for the greatest number of degree holders per capita, yet only one in five Colorado ninth-grade students will earn a college degree, ranking the state in the bottom quartile nationally.

A cornerstone of the campaign,, offers a one-stop resource to help students and parents plan, apply and pay for college. The site also hosts financial literacy courses, Own Your Future, a site for incarcerated and ex-offenders, Colorado’s Eligible Training Provider List, and the College Admissions Tool.

College in Colorado is a division of the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Colorado Department of Higher Education & Colorado Commission on Higher Education

The Colorado Department of Higher Education’s mission is to improve the quality of, ensure the affordability of, and promote access to, post-secondary education for the people of Colorado. There are more than 470 institutions serving more than 400,000 students in Colorado.

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education’s master plan sets four primary goals: